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Dispute resolution

Disagreements cannot be always avoided. We handle all kinds of dispute matters keeping always as a goal the comprehensive profitableness for a client. This requires for taking into account many matters and being able to analyze the legal norms affecting the settlement of the dispute. We assess in our advice the predictability of the end result, cost risk relating to it, use of a client’s resources for other than its business and many other matters. After this analysis we make a decision on the handling of the matter with our client, the basis for the decision being always the client’s best.

Ordinarily, business disputes will be settled in general courts of law. Arbitral proceedings are also common in disputes concerning agreements between companies. Arbitral proceedings are invoked currently more and more often when heavy, expensive and long-lasting proceedings before a court of law are wished to be avoided. It is also possible to settle disputes through mediation when it is for the best interests of the client. In mediation proceedings, disputes are settled fast and cost-efficiently.

We have a long-term experience in all dispute resolution options and also in acting as impartial arbitrators.